Titanium LiteStix Custom Forearm Crutches

i’m frequently asked by my clients who buy Superlite Custom Forearm Crutches to compare and contrast them with the Fetterman LiteStix Custom Forearm Crutches.

I think both of these titanium crutches are an excellent product. As I have discussed in my Youtube video on titanium forearm crutches; titanium is titanium, as a buyer you don’t have to worry if there are different grades of titanium. Rest assured, both of these manufacturers use the best titanium available.

I have also found that both the Superlite Titanium crutches and the LiteStix Forearm Crutches are shock-absorbing, super strong, very lightweight and extremely durable.

I like the fact that both of the forearm crutches have no rivets, bolts or screws when it comes to the handle. Another great feature of these titanium forearm crutches is the fact that they are cut to your exact measurements ;eliminating those aggravating adjustment holes that egg out and weaken the crutch. As a  forearm crutch user for over 40 years; I love that they are super silent and incredibly strong. I’m sure that if you have ever had adjustable forearm crutches you appreciate what I am saying!

Both, LiteStix and Superlite Titanium Crutches have first class arm cuffs with leather inserts. They are both made of very durable nylon and feature a side opening cuff. I am a very active crutch user and appreciate the side cuff opening when I’m opening doors, reaching for something or shaking someones hand; the crutch does not fall off my arm!

Both titanium crutch manufacturers give you several options of handgrips and crutch tips. Since I invented the Right Grip handle and it was made to my hand; it is the handle that I’ve used for over 20 years. I will discuss crutch handles in another post.

Finally, I am happy with both the Tornado crutch tips and Keen Aventure crutch tips. Both offer shock absorption and differing degrees of flexibility.

Last but not least is the cost of poker: The Superlite custom titanium forearm crutches will set you back $595.00 dollars. The LiteStix Custom Titanium Forearm crutches will set you back $1,045.00 dollars.

I get asked this question hundreds of times: which titanium forearm crutches do I personally use? I don’t use either one-I have a pair of Superlite aluminum alloy forearm crutches that I have used for over 20 years. I also have two other pairs of Superlite forearm crutches that come in various colors. I have a pair of Superlite custom titanium forearm crutches in the trunk of my car. Why? I am a creature of habit and I love the color that my Superlite forearm crutches provide me. Yes, the titanium forearm crutches are stronger and lighter but they just don’t have the color flair that I prefer. Don’t get me wrong, both the LiteStix and the Superlite titanium crutches come in a great looking brushed finish but I gotta have my color 🙂


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