Titanium Forearm Crutches

HI, I constantly get a lot of questions about the Superlite Titanium Forearm Crutches I sell. I just put up a new Youtube video so you can see for yourself that my Titanium Forearm Crutches are the best buy for $595.00

These Titanium Crutches are made from 100% Titanium-there are not different grades of Titanium. These custom forearm crutches are the lightest and strongest forearm crutches you can buy. These Titanium crutches have no bolts, screws or rivets! The handle is welded on to make these titanium crutches the strongest you can buy.

I have used forearm crutches for over 40 years and can answer any questions you may have about custom forearm crutches. Please feel free to call me. If I’m away from the phone please leave a voicemail-I will return your call! Thanks, Steve Mertz

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