Titanium Crutches Review

I recently received this review from a client who purchased our custom titanium forearm crutches:

I’ve been using these crutches for 4 months now. I am a relatively active 35yo male, 200lb. These are by far, the strongest pair I have come across. In the past, I used the generic aluminum crutches… inevitability, one would break and cause me to fall (in about 3 months). I’ve been playing that game since 2008, when my body rejected hip surgeries. Finally, I gave up and started looking for stronger solutions. I came across titanium crutches about a year ago, the price was just a bit to steep for me at the time (another company). I kept looking, found carbon fiber crutches and thought I had found my solution. Well… to start, the design looked great, the application was something else. Their forearm cuffs were fixed, leaving the unable to let the crutch drop/ swing out of the way when opening/closing doors as well as many other scenarios. The shipping for return was the same price as I had paid for the originally, so I kept them. I made an adapter for the cuffs- worked great. Then I broke the handles, then the shafts. No more fancy carbon fiber crutches. Apologies for the rambling, just detailing my past experience with crutches. Steve is not only a very knowledgeable on the subject, but a pleasure to do business with. After a quick online inquiry, h epersonally called me back and spoke with me for about 20 mins answering any and all questions or concerns that I thought I had. Thank you, Mr. Mertz! Again, I have been actively using his crutches for about 4 months now, nothing loose, shaky, or anything else that would lead me to believe the crutches are the Finale.

Thanks Sebastian!

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    I have been using aluminum adjustable Shepard’s crutches for 48 years. Needless to say the adjustable crutches eventually failed and had great difficulty in finding the Shepard’s crutch. In researching the internet I was lucky to find this company. I now have the Titanium Shepard’s crutches and love them. You will not find anything more durable and comfortable as these crutches. In addition the customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this product and they will last me for my life time. Thanks Mr. Mertz for this opportunity.

    • Steve Mertz

      Thanks so much for your kind words Bruce. Best Wishes, Steve

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