Titanium Crutches vs Carbon Fiber Crutches

I have a new YouTube video on Titanium Crutches vs Carbon Fiber Crutches. In a recent 30 day period I got calls from two different amputees who had carbon fiber forearm crutches snap on them.

Both of these forearm crutch users are active but not overweight. They both ended up ordering Titanium forearm crutches from me. This is what I’ve been told by experts on materials. Carbon fiber is very light and very strong however, carbon fiber has a tendency to snap or break before it will give.

I was also interested to learn from pro bicycle racers and their experiences with carbon fiber bike frames. They loved the fact that their carbon fiber frames were super light weight but reported it was not uncommon for their frames to break under constant stress and changes in weather.

My suggestion is this: if you are an active forearm crutch user consider the merits of our titanium forearm crutches. These titanium crutches are light weight and are absolutely strong. They have no rivets or bolts and are cut to your custom measurements.

Please share if you have had any experiences with carbon fiber forearm crutches.

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