Custom Made Aluminum Alloy Crutches

Welcome and Thanks for visiting. I’m Steve Mertz, inventor of The Right Grip crutch handle. One of the proudest days of my life is when I was awarded a United States patent for the Right Grip-that was all the patents I had in me!

Almost twenty years ago I was searching for crutches that were colorful. I was sick and tired of the “crippled grey” crutches. At the time my crutches were adjustable and where the holes for adjustment were, they would shear from the aluminum. I could see the adjustment hole expanding daily. So, not only were my crutches not good looking but everyone could hear me coming from a hundred yards away! Then by good fortune I met Woody of Enabling Technologies, the originator of the Superlite Aluminum Forearm Crutch.

Custom Crutches That Look Great

The Superlite Custom Crutch comes in your choice of a standard or Low-Bend. My favorite for over twenty years is the Low-Bend Custom crutch. This crutch design puts more of the crutch under me with the least amount of effort. Since the crutches are made to your exact height specifications the crutch is one piece. This crutch is not only stronger but you will never have to worry about your adjustment holes “egging out” and hearing that annoying clatter of your crutches! Aluminum alloy is the same material that ski poles are made from-Since Woody and I both live here in Denver Colorado why not use the same material that takes an incredible amount of punishment on the ski slopes and use that technology in your custom crutches

Crutches That Go With Every Occasion

I will admit to being a little vain when it comes to how my crutches look. Maybe that’s why I have over six different pairs of custom crutches. I have a formal pair for black tie affairs and my speaking engagements, my fishing crutches that I use for wading into streams while fly fishing, and my everyday kick around crutches. They all share the same characteristics: they look great, they are super light weight, they float on the water in case I have a little spill, and they are virtually indestructible. In the almost twenty years that I have been using Superlite Custom Crutches I have never had a crutch failure-as a matter of fact, I have crutches that outlasted my fifteen year marriage. 😉 If you are an active crutch user you may be surprised to learn that you can take on the average 1.4 Million to 2.9 Million steps a year!! That’s why it’s so important to use the best technology available today.

Build Your Own Custom Crutches

With your custom Superlite crutches you have your choice of crutch handles. You can have the Right Grip, Performance Gel Grips or Endurance Grips.

Best Wishes, Steve Mertz