Crutches for Kids

We sell some of the best forearm crutches for kids! Our pediatric crutches are manufactured in the USA and are made of very durable aluminum. This guarantees that these crutches for kids will withstand the abuse that comes with all crutches for kids.

The crutches for kids are manufactured by Walk-Easy and these forearm crutches are light weight, come in great colors and are adjustable in length to accommodate growing children

The forearm crutches for children are available in size from pediatric to youth sizes. I personally have been on forearm crutches since the age of six and can assure you that if you have questions about sizes, colors or special needs; I can direct you through this confusing time. It can be a little overwhelming for parents to shop for crutches for kids on line and not be able to speak with anyone who actually uses them. You have my commitment that I will do my very best to answer your questions and to see that your child gets the best in underarm crutches.

I’m Steve Mertz and can be reached by email:

I’m also on Facebook with the page called Best Crutches for Kids

I answer questions on crutches, crutch tips and handles. In addition, I also suggest exercise tips and nutrition advice. Having been on forearm crutches for over 50 years I offer my best insights on what I’ve done wrong and what I’ve done right when it comes to this journey. Thanks for your support in making us one of the largest providers for crutches for kids.