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Poron Crutch Hand Grip




The Poron crutch grip is a new innovation for traditional underarm crutches – made by Tom Fetterman. The crutch handle is made with a tough PVC vinyl shell covering a shock absorbing polyurethane closed cell sponge center named Poron. Tom tells us that the vinyl shells surface does not stretch so there is no skin sheer resulting in reduced calluses and increased comfort.

Poron Crutch Grips Help Protect Your Shoulders

Tom states that the Poron crutch grips will help protect your hands and shoulders from “crutch shock” saving you energy and increasing your mobility! The Poron crutch grips are durable and should last a year or more. To install, just remove the wing nut and bolt and slide them over the handle.

The color is black. The Poron crutch grips will fit crutches with handles that are 4” to 5” wide.


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