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Performance Gel Grips




Performance Gel Grips for Your Custom Crutches

The Right Grip cannot accommodate every hand size and my entrepreneurial buddy, Tom Fetterman, has nicely filled the void be making Performance Gel hand grips for your crutches.  He uses Absorbalite gel in his crutch grips-this is the same material that is used in his shock absorbing crutch tips.

Performance Gel Grips are Constructed for Shock Absorption

Tom tells us that the exterior of the grip is easy to clean and is made from a tough and pliable black PVC vinyl which has a pebbled texture for secure gripping. Inside the shell is the ½” thick shock absorbing gel pad to absorb the jarring your body takes when walking on crutches. By reducing this shock his intention is to improve the health of your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. Performance gel grips come with complete installation instructions and fit a 7/8″ crutch post.

Performance Gel Grips Fit on Underarm and Forearm Crutches

Whether you are using forearm or underarm crutches the Performance Gel Grips adapts nicely to both styles of crutches.

Color: Black


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