Custom Forearm Crutches

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I’ve added a new Youtube video showing the features of the Superlite Forearm Crutches. The Superlite forearm crutches are my personal favorite. I’ve been on forearm crutches for over forty years and continue to be a very active user today.

Here are some features that I looked for when deciding to buy and eventually sell the Superlite Forearm Crutches:

The forearm crutches are cut to my exact height. This eliminates those annoying adjustment holes that will eventually egg out and make a lot of noise when you are walking.

The Superlite Crutches are made from aluminum alloy. This is the same material that the use in making ski poles. The benefits are they are extremely light weight and they take a tremendous amount of abuse without snapping.

The cuffs are made from the strongest nylon on the market. I have never had a forearm crutch cuff failure and I abuse my crutches!

You also have your choice of handles and crutch tips. The price for the Superlite Forearm Crutches is $399.00.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about these Superlite Forearm Crutches. I believe they are the best custom forearm crutch on the market for this price.

I believe that I am the only crutch seller on the internet that actually uses forearm crutches on a daily basis. Because of that I am constantly testing and looking for better ways to keep you upright and make forearm crutch use

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