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I have a new Youtube video up on Custom Crutches. This video features one of my most popular custom forearm crutches. Some of the  main characteristics of a custom crutch include:

The forearm crutches are cut to your exact height. Because their are no adjustment holes; your custom crutches are quite and much stronger. We use aluminum alloy for these crutches and they are light weight and very good at shock absorption.

These custom crutches also allow you to select the crutch tip of your choice and the crutch handle that best fits your hand. The cuffs on our custom crutches are designed to fit your forearm.


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  1. Robyn Jones

    I have one working hand and one paralyzed hand. Would you be able to customize a set that I could use with my paralisis?

    • Steve Mertz

      Hi Robyn,
      I recently sold a pair of our Shepherd crutches to an individual that had similar circumstances and they might be appropriate for you. Please give me a call and lets talk more about your situation. 303-619-8972
      Thanks, Steve

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