Custom Crutches Shipped Worldwide

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I’ve had a lot of inquires lately about shipping our custom crutches worldwide. The answer is yes, we do ship worldwide. For instance, we have recently shipped to Israel, United Kingdom and Australia!

Customers always want to know how soon and how much for shipping those custom crutches 🙂 Here’s the deal: when you call or email me if you can please include the entire length of the crutches you desire. This allows us to configure the shipping box size. Once we have that we can give you options on the cost and the options for speed of delivery.

As you can imagine, air freight is super expensive and the best bargains will be found via the postal service. Surprisingly, many overseas shipments of custom crutches can be completed in about a week.

If you have any questions about shipping custom crutches please call or email me and I’ll get to work on it. Thanks, Steve

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