Yoga for Forearm Crutch Users

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If I had to do it over….I would have incorporated yoga into my daily routine. I’ve been an active forearm crutch user for over 50 years and I really believe that yoga could have helped me avoid some aches and … Continued

Why I recommend Yoga

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I have become a fan of yoga because the longer you’re on crutches, the more you need to work on you flexibility! Some areas that you may wish to consider are your hip flexors and your spine. I do yoga … Continued

Healthy Eating Tips

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I believe that individuals who use crutches have many things to consider for optimum performance. Those would include great equipment, exercise and of course, what we eat! Good stuff in this article on eating healthy- Enjoy😏

New YouTube Video

As promised, here’s a new YouTube video for you to view and see that I will be discussing new products, product reviews, exercises designed for forearm crutch users and diet tips. I hope you enjoy this YouTube video and please … Continued