Custom Forearm Crutches

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When it’s time to attack stairs; I have my own distinct style. I like to take two stairs at a time. I’ve decided at the age of 65 I’m not gonna change my style. However, your physical therapist would probably … Continued

Custom Crutches

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I have a new Youtube video up on Custom Crutches. This video features one of my most popular custom forearm crutches. Some of the  main characteristics of a custom crutch include: The forearm crutches are cut to your exact height. … Continued

Titanium LiteStix Custom Forearm Crutches

i’m frequently asked by my clients who buy Superlite Custom Forearm Crutches to compare and contrast them with the Fetterman LiteStix Custom Forearm Crutches. I think both of these titanium crutches are an excellent product. As I have discussed in … Continued

Custom Forearm Crutches

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I’ve added a new Youtube video showing the features of the Superlite Forearm Crutches. The Superlite forearm crutches are my personal favorite. I’ve been on forearm crutches for over forty years and continue to be a very active user today. … Continued