Custom Forearm Crutches

Superlite custom forearm crutches have been my crutch of choice for over 15 years. I’m a very active forearm crutch user. I love their light weight and great looks. They are custom made for me so I don’t have the annoying clatter of adjustable crutches. My Superlite crutches have been from London to fly fishing in Colorado and have never missed a beat.

We believe that whether you choose Aluminum or the top of the line Superlite Titanium forearm crutches you will not find a better value or warranty. We also carry Walk Easy Pediatric crutches and Walk Easy Bariatric Crutches. You work hard for your money and we are committed to bringing you the very best values.

Crutch Handles & Grips

It was a very proud moment for me when I was awarded a United States Patent for my Right Grip crutch handle. It’s ergonomic design has kept me mobile and my hands comfortable. I also realize that it may not be for everyone. To that end, we are offering you the choice of the Right Grip, Performance Grips, Poron Grips or Endurance Grips! Our goal is to keep you mobile and comfortable.

Replacement Crutch Tips

We offer you a choice of the Aventure Crutch Tips, Performance crutch tips or Tornado crutch tips. My personal favorite, for crutches that have a 1″ diameter or greater is the Tornado crutch tip. I’ve used it for the past 15 years and have found it to be the best crutch tip on the market. It is light and extremely durable. If you have a smaller diameter crutch; the Aventure Crutch Tips are an excellent choice and I believe, the best value.

Measuring for Custom Forearm Crutches

crutch_measurement1Custom forearm crutches allow us to build your aluminum and titanium crutches to your exact height. The advantage is a stronger crutch and you don’t have those annoying adjustment holes that will egg out with time and create that annoying clattering sound!

Let’s start with the x and the y measurement. Please use a tape measure as you will need the flexibility and accuracy. The x measurement is from the top of of crutch cuff to the top of your crutch handle. The y measurement is from the top of the crutch handle to the very bottom of the crutch tip.  Be sure you measure under the tip to be completely accurate. If your tip is badly worn add a 1/4 of an inch or so to compensate. That wasn’t too painful was it?

Next, let’s measure your forearm. Measure the width around your forearm at it’s largest part. Our side opening cuffs are custom made to your forearms so don’t worry if your forearm is very big or very small – there is not an extra charge for our custom, side opening cuffs. We only use the side openings because it gives you the ability to carry and hold items without your crutch falling off!

One last measurement is for the correct position of the arm cuff. As a general rule it is best to have the top of the cuff about 3″ from the point of your elbow when you have your arm at a 90 degree angle. There are no hard and fast rules but we find this gives you the maximum leverage when using your crutches.

Please don’t hesitate to email me:steve(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) with any questions or call me here in Denver, Colorado at 303-619-8972